High Heeled Traders

Lessons from a Trader Mom

December 2, 2010

Trading stocks, bonds, currencies are often  thought of as a high risk, high reward, high intensity  game.    I traded like so for years.  Now that I am trading differently, as  a woman, as  Trader Mom, I wonder how I lasted.  I guess if I have not set myself thinking that I am trading to first  learn and gain experience and wanting to build an income stream  (for eventually we all would not be able to work – or get fired!), I would have quit.   I did start on this venture with the belief that  “mistakes and learning from it are part of winning”,  so I  am still trading and had now become profitable today.

Years ago, I had days though of excitement, fear and sometimes not being able to sleep when I have a trade open.  Say I just bought a bank stock and expecting it to go up but it didn’t, I would think  of what to do then. (This is WRONG!  You must know what to do in all scenarios BEFORE opening a trade – you just have  a clearer mind and not clouded with emotion) .  I didn’t know that I really do not know what I should really know  first–  to trade profitably (hehehe) . Until I came across a book that says, you first have to trade considering what you know about yourself.  So knowing one’s self is the cornerstone of great trading!   The book Market Wizards which interviewed the top traders – big money guys – we’re talking billion dollars under management here – say that they simply trade as it fits them.

It took a painful and numbing experience for me to stop and think differently though of what I thought myself to be.   After a death (I had a miscarriage), you can’t help questioning so many things about life.  What did I do wrong?   Why are some given a Life to live and some have to live so short?  What is my purpose?   I did find the answers. I thought the greatest gift that I was given were my children. That God, Life has made me a Mom because it is the best contribution I can do – “to give wings and roots” . I am good at it too, I believe.  However, being a Mom entails teaching “how to make a living” and  “trading for a living” is what I aim to do,  so I thought, that’s  what I would be,  I would be a Trader Mom.

I made BIG changes.  I traded around the time I have available,  which  is very limited with the kids’ activities and house chores, plus I also have a job (that funds my lifestyle).   I only trade short-term opportunities so I don’t have to sit glued to the computer and so I have time for all the other things I need to do.  It also changed how I assess Risk, how I value the cash I have available to fund a trading opportunity.  I reviewed my Risk limits, so that it is small enough that it doesn’t bother me when I lose it but also allow me to profit  at least 3x my money.   For example, I will open a Trade only with a risk of  $200 in an opportunity that looks like I can profit $600 from.  There are such trades, you just have to be patient. I found that I don’t have to take High Risk trades —  Low-Risk trades in fact make the Highest returns.  I also put more value in balance and well-being.  Stress greatly decreases performance and  one has to be in top condition (clear mind, not too excited – so lay off  the sugar!) to make the right decisions and think of options.

Having made these changes and having the attitude to learn  as much about the Markets and continually improve, I had become profitable and even consistent.   I can say I enjoy so much more time now with people I love, with less stress and extra income.

So  anyone else want to be a Trader ?

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  • Wes Hengel says:

    I appreciate you sharing this article.Much thanks again. Awesome.

  • admin says:

    Thank you very much, grateful for your thoughts about the information I shared here. I haven’t done much to promote it (how did you find it?). I hope you can share it to people you know who might also find this helpful. Happy New Year!

  • veterinary says:

    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!