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December 21, 2010

The following is an exchange I had with a friend who volunteered to be my “guinea pig” and learn about trading.  Dewi  (not her real name), means  “goddess” in Indonesian… I think with her attitude towards learning, she would “trade Up”  to this level in the future!  : )

— On Sat, 18/12/10,

Hi There,

Have you prepare for your kids’ presents? Should be, otherwise they’ll get disappointed.

I’ve read your article, The Right Foundation is actually what I’m looking for and follow by First Things First, the calculation bit. It’s a bit confusing but at least I’ve got an idea what you’re trying to say for the very first thing about trading.

I think now my part is to “learn” as you said, especially my math, they’re lousy … a lot to learn actually. Things that you mention (as basic skills for trading) were thought during my school days but I left it out from my memory once I got my first job.

I should re-read your article again … for better understanding what should I do next while accumulate first capital for trading.

Anyway, keep it coming, have a nice holiday



Hi! Dewi,

I haven’t completed shopping, Santa might be late hehehe

Thank you for letting me know what you think about the articles. I’m glad it’s slowly making sense.  The calculation bit — yes that’s essentially what trading is.  Let me know what is confusing maybe I need to write it clearer.

Let me know what other questions you have.  My sister told me to write about what is involved — like if you have a restaurant you need staff, good location etc.  Trading involves less — yesterday I posted “Trading : Make money off people who make money from you”
— like banks charge us so many fees right, might as well own some bank stocks!

And  Yes, just keep learning – much better to ‘NOT’ have the money actually,  otherwise You might do what I did and jump in because it is “easy” to do – the banks will let you open an account and trade – they don’t care.  I know a lot of people (including me ) lost money because they thought they know what they were doing. It is painful.  You are lucky because you will be earning that money first and know how hard it is to earn that  so you will be more protective (or take less risk).  You are already learning to trade right in that process.

I was working out how much time it will take to learn maybe 6 months to a year — it depends on the person.  Like what I said in the articles “self-control” is the important thing to learn. And that I can not teach you hehehe — well actually, I went to a seminar about what keeps you from getting successful so I can share what I learned there. Later.

Will catch you later… Merry Christmas and enjoy your break!


Hi! Dewi

My teacher saw the newest article I posted (Make Money …)  and he liked it even inviting me to write for them,,,, my articles are sensible after all HAHAHA



Hi Charmel,

See, I told you that your idea is very good. If I were your teacher I would do the same thing, make you as resources for others  haha!

Now I’m re-reading your article & browsing through internet to get information so I can collect it as my “resources”. Your article looked simple & easy to read but well I can say that it has deep meaning if reader care enough to probe. That’s what I’m doing now, probe until Ican’t think of anything to probe.

It’s easy to talk isn’t it hehehehe …

Will keep you updated!



On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 11:20 AM

Hi! Dewi,
I am going to send you some resources I have (I will send them later).  I am happy to know you are browsing for more info.  It will help you to know more, although a word of caution I found a lot are focused on the wrong things like “entry” or how to “be right”,   I also went through learning all these “indicators” you would hear about, eventually I found what worked and will share that with you.  But anyway, go ahead and see what there is out there. hehehe
I really appreciate your feedback, much so that I would like to get your permission – taking off your name of course for privacy- to post it in the blog.  Some other people might read it and be inspired to just keep learning.   (Or if you want or we can just use your “screen name” hehe)
BWAHAHAHA …. are you sure? I don’t mind though if you’d like to do it, but yes please use other name as substitude as I’m not ready to become a celebrity yet.
I’ll keep your advice in mind as I read through Dr. Van Tharp website (roughly) I think I know what you aiming people in the world of trading. I kind of agree with him tho, altough yes I still need to learn a lot to prove him right – or at least to make sure his method is applicable for me.
Keep you posted!


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