High Heeled Traders

My daughter likes those soft toys. She’s received a lot over the years but always find something else she would like to have and want me to buy.  From when she was 4years old, I’ve noticed that she’s ready to comprehend about the world, so I started reasoning with her whenever she wanted me to buy her something.  Few weeks ago, a small plush puppy toy worth $5 caught her fancy and asked me to buy it, I just bought her something the weekend before so I didn’t want to buy it and decided it’s time for another lesson “we have to make money grow before spending it otherwise it’s gone for good”.

We went home with her crying crying crying.  She went to her bedroom and was quiet for a while.  Then she called me and presented me with some of her old toys, with price tags no less than $10 each  and want me to buy them.  So amused that she was even probably thinking if she only sell 1 toy, she still has enough to buy the thing she liked with money left over. The girl is a fast learner. 🙂

I think “gifting” season is perfect timing to impart those life lessons.

It does not have to be put to use “now”, but the money could first be saved for future use.   Here are some “money growing” ideas:

  • Volunteering – there is always community fund raising going on.  Get involved or even observer at first.  It would help to explain how they go about organizing events and the activities to raise funds.  The school my daughter goes to have a “watermelon  stand” every year at their “Art and Craft Show”.  You could explain that the whole watermelon costs $5 and then when it is cut into 20 pieces (small wedges) sold at 50cents would total $10.
  • Informal selling – this could be in school or friends.  Products could be anything beautiful or interesting.  For girls, accessories are a good choice (because we girls need variety right!).  For boys, stickers, cards (I heard baseball cards are “it”)  or cars (they always want one don’t they!).   Getting unique items from your travels is a good idea. (Check out the stunning accessories below –  they are traditional Indonesian design made of brass).  When I travel, I always look for classic or exquisite accessories to buy.  Like in the Philippines, Greenhills Mall is famous for the Muslim merchants selling freshwater and South Sea pearls.  Pearls are easy to match with outfits so it could sell well even with a 200% profit (since the price is cheap overseas) and still below the prices at the shops.

So if you are thinking of a lasting gift, give Cash and plant seeds on how to make it grow.

(Saves you from the shopping queues too!)

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