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I might as well tell you.   Before writing up a storm about the Trading process I’m sharing, I’m cross-checking the Concepts and Functions that I’ve discussed here against the Process Steps.  Kind of what we call in I.T. -land  a  “Traceability Matrix”   for those inclined to ask  where the hell  I get the idea.    😛

Wanna see?

Trading_Concepts  click this link to see what Concepts (summarized in Dressed to Trade post) are used in which Step in the Process.     Just start from the top left for the Concept and move sideways to the right.  An X  marks the spot where that concept is in use in each Step.   (love treasure maps! 🙂   )

I want to make sure that you know that what we’ve covered so far are  all part of the  process, and so at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I hope you read this from the start and didn’t miss any previous discussion of concepts.  (Handy reference is in  “For Newbabes”).

Trading_Functions_and_Process this link cross-checks the Task groups or Functions (discussed here )  that I recommend to form part of what you need to do in order to trade, that will be part of your lifestyle. You will see some functions that need to be decided / established before Trading, which I indicated as “pre-flight” item and also tasks outside of the regular process.

I then checked the Process Steps for topics / concepts that I need to discuss further or summarize (what’s already written) for use in the Process.   (Soon to be revealed.  😛  )

Yes Yes Yes, we’re right in the middle of it!   It’s like preparing a Shopping List before you hit the shops!
>> Know what you want to achieve
>> Know what you have / can use
>> Know what you still need to get
Told you, Trading is like Shopping !

I got my list, so have you got yours? Check concepts/topics that you need to review.
Have you ever gone shopping and forgot to bring along a Shopping List?
Exactly! Missed an ingredient, went overbudget, bought the wrong thing!

OK so do that now….prepare to take the plunge!

Plunge In! - photo by Fr.Noi Azupardo

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