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1st of March… glad I made steady progress on my Peak Performance course and I want to share with you this snippet of learning, that I thought sums up what is important for success in investing / trading.

“I thought that by knowing the market you could be successful. I spent a long time learning about the market, the indicators and stuff, and even the psychology of traders” … I found that you really have to know yourself much more than you have to know the market. You have to believe in yourself and you have to do what you think is right”… “The market hands you opportunity. You don’t have to go looking for it. It stays there and it screams at you and it’s there for you to do. But you have to have the internal strength to pick up the ball and do it.”

As I always say, the Peak Performance Course by Dr. Van Tharp is brilliant! For months, I had been less than eager to do my trades, which is a step up to a whole new level of trading, I am now feeling more confident about this next phase, so grateful to have done this refresher! That is also one of the fine points in trading / investing – acknowledging your emotions. We are not robots. To say that you have no emotion when trading is wrong. You do, you have it all the time, it’s just for you to know and find out. One of the attendees of my “Investing in the US Stockmarket Workshop” shared that he is either afraid to lose money on his investment or afraid to lose his profits. Fear is stopping you to make a big mistake because the risk is too big or you don’t really know enough 🙂 Fear is good. After all, when you know the risk is low and know what you are doing, the fear fades.

Just an alert that the greatest investor of all time – Warren Buffett has sent out his Golden Jubilee Newsletter. Enjoy!

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