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November 11, 2015

Sometime last week my daughter threw a tantrum,,, like when I was getting ready doing my “ritual” or procedure to prepare for trading as it was half-hour before the opening bell. My son was begging me, begging me to make her stop that whiny, loud crying she was doing. I tried to make her stop by asking her what’s wrong, in a calm voice. But she seems bent to make us plead and give her anything she wants, to bow in submission forever and ever. And me being mom – well, I can’t let her. I am not to be overpowered by a six year old kid. No. Way. The trick is to show that I can throw a bigger tantrum than her! LOL. While I am not one for drama, this was meant to teach her a lesson. But boy, was I tired after that!

Suffice it to say, that the markets opened without me, and well, I have to summon all my training to get back into a mental state that will let me trade in peace! My sister said, I have to know how to be a better actress. So I actually don’t get “emotionally spent” but the display of emotion is there. Good point.

Now, how do you actually get to achieve Peak Performance — ahhhh, my beloved Dr Van Tharp has the Peak Performance Homestudy Course has 5 chapters of detailed material for that. I recommend it with my life! He says there is actually a way that our mind works better, our overall psychology is better primed when we maintain a mental state that is supportive to success. When we are flustered, anxious, worried or angy, that doesn’t help decision-making at all. You need to shake it off! Plus here’s another great resource about how to achieve peak performance by means of rituals in “Barking Up The Wrong Tree”. http://www.bakadesuyo.com/2015/10/ritual/

Dancing also helps… get those happy hormones going…

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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