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Mistress of the Universe

December 22, 2015

Heard of “masters of the universe”? “The Masters of the Universe” is a phrase from that book referring to ambitious young men (there were no women) who, starting with the 1980s, began racking up millions every year — millions! — in performance bonuses at investment banks”
I don’t hear a lot about them anymore and though they might have just changed that to less grandiose label following the financial crisis, like fund manager or investment banker — the incomes and those performance bonuses are less than stellar too. (From a New York times article here) I’ve been reading 2016 is not promising to be a great year because of spillover issues from 2015,,, continued weakness in global economy. But then again, there is hope with the US economy showing strength – which we will know with GDP number coming out today!

Anyway, since the world has less of masters of the universe, how about we have more “Mistress of the Universe” – yeah I got to squeeze a post about it hehe. Great result for the Philippines winning Miss Universe 2015. Anyway, I think they are all fabulous. However, the one thing that investors could learn from her is that, this lady, persevered like no one ever did. Tried out three times for the national pageant, runner up the first time, didn’t place the second time and third time got the title. I must say I wasn’t really that interested in her so I couldn’t give details of her transformation. However from little of what I saw in the program (just watched Youtube videos) I can say that she has a regal presence and according to a judge, she came to win, shining in all the events, bringing her A game. Every investor got to do the same. We must be prepared for every investment or trade, be in the right frame of mind. Finally, we got to want to be successful. I remember many times before I would place a trade because of fear. Opening a trade fearing I’d lose more, or close a trade out of fear that profit will disappear. I can tell you that’s an incredible waste of capital and in no way is going to help you win. You want to be opening an investment because of a great opportunity. You want to be closing an investment because it has met your profit taking exit or well-defined rules to get out to save your capital in case you are wrong. So this coming year, it will be a volatile year most people say, yet we still need to be investing, remember bring your A game.


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