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Nearing the end of the era of low interest rates in America makes the past flash in my mind. I was then very troubled at the volatility of the markets in late 2007, plus a home loan deal going from approved at 10% equity to needing 20%. The world was shifting and it was shifting fast. This time around the world seems to be at that new journey where historically-low interest rates are going to be “gradually normalized”. Would the world find a “new normal” so that these abrupt market collapse won’t happen again? I am honored to be part of the discussion in which a study from the University of Leicester “confirms that having more female traders in the markets will indeed save the world from many and extreme stock market crashes—and this time physiological evidence is used to back claims up”.

Article here : http://www.continnect.com/articles/Article1-Apr16/

So here onwards I am doing more activities to get more ladies to invest and trade. Let me know if you have a group that will benefit from my talks / materials.

I will be conducting my workshop next Saturday October 22 (and webinars to follow) on investing in the US Market. If you are looking for world-class stocks, income, risk management and leverage (the ability to use little of your money to invest double (or more) in stocks, and still pay very little finance cost — this is certainly the market to invest in!

Can you invest straight into the US market without experience? Yes you can. It is the US market that sets the tone for the world markets anyway. You just need to get the right start knowing how the market works. That’s why I am offering in tandem with the US Investing workshop our Invest Right Foundation Workshop in which you will discover the investing mindset you need, managing the risks, and systems to take profits that could give you the prime advantage in this business. Remember, it is not just about the stocks. It is how you do things with the right knowledge, emotional and mental preparation. It is best to learn to invest right now so you too can get in position with added security and confidence!

Here again are our fantastic value events with their freebies:
1st Event : “Invest Right Foundation Workshop”
October 22, 2016 830am-12nn
Ortigas area (exact location upon registration)
Early-Bird Rate : 2,000 pesos (Regular rate : 3,000 pesos)
Freebies : Full eBook of “High Heeled Traders (worth 800 pesos), Investing Kit (no need to start from scratch – priceless!). We will hold your hand as you start to invest to help you achieve added security and confidence!

2nd Event : “US Investing Workshop”
October 22, 2016 1-530pm
Early-Bird Rate : 5,000 pesos (Regular rate : 8,000 pesos)
With FREE attendance to the morning session and the freebies that come with it!
To learn more about the workshop topics – please visit this link :

Learn more about investing in the US market in this link!

Current Workshops

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