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November 2, 2016

Investors seem to have more spooking them than the Halloween costumes. The US election, it seems is driving the market lower and like what I said before certain sectors are going to be hammered. Or in the case of a Trump victory, a whole country (Mexico… or some even say the US too) I have written about those sectors that is best to be avoided, so I thought we could investigate where investors can get refuge. Gold – can be the physical gold or gold stocks /ETF; Yen and Swiss Francs.

If you want to stick to the stock exchange and prefer hedging with options that of course is a smart move; just do so on stocks that are not going to be “sensitive” to any new policy from both Clinton and Trump like healthcare and banking. A little bit of digging and you’d find the top performing sector, not immune to market gyrations but backed by strong earnings reports — are technology companies with “cloud computing” business really taking off and making money for such companies as MSFT, GOOG, AMZN and even BABA. CSCO is yet to report so there could be opportunities in this blue chip stock.

So if you are looking for somewhere to invest amidst the craziness, or hunt for bargains, join me in the cloud.

I will be conducting my workshop on November 26 (and webinars to follow) on investing in the US Market. If you are looking for world-class stocks, income, risk management and leverage (the ability to use little of your money to invest double (or more) in stocks, and still pay very little finance cost — this is certainly the market to invest in!

Can you invest straight into the US market without experience? Yes you can. It is the US market that sets the tone for the world markets anyway. You just need to get the right start knowing how the market works. That’s why I am offering in tandem with the US Investing workshop our Invest Right Foundation Workshop in which you will discover the investing mindset you need, managing the risks, and systems to take profits that could give you the prime advantage in this business. Remember, it is not just about the stocks. It is how you do things with the right knowledge, emotional and mental preparation. It is best to learn to invest right now so you too can get in position with added security and confidence!

Here again are our fantastic value events with their freebies:
1st Event : “Invest Right Foundation Workshop”
November 26, 2016 830am-12nn
Ortigas area (exact location upon registration)
Early-Bird Rate : 2,000 pesos (Regular rate : 3,000 pesos)
Freebies : Full eBook of “High Heeled Traders (worth 800 pesos), Investing Kit (no need to start from scratch – priceless!). We will hold your hand as you start to invest to help you achieve added security and confidence!

2nd Event : “US Investing Workshop”
November 26, 2016 1-530pm
Early-Bird Rate : 5,000 pesos (Regular rate : 8,000 pesos)
With FREE attendance to the morning session and the freebies that come with it!
To learn more about the workshop topics – please visit this link :

Learn more about investing in the US market in this link!

Current Workshops

Meantime, enjoy what Science says is the most relaxing music ever:



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