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I have been writing about investing and conducting workshops for years, and most investors I talk to are really putting in a lot of time and energy into their investments – researching companies, the economy; analysing technical charts and data, and even attending workshops or social media groups. However, most admit they are not getting as much profit as they want, or worse, have to take losses and get stressed out.

What I found are 3 massive mistakes that investors make that lead to big losses and stress:
1. Over-reliance on Entry techniques –buying stocks using indicators, then entering the market convinced of a good opportunity! Then either because of overconfidence, they fail to get out and avoid big losses. Or, seeing gains but don’t know when to take profit. You could have taken the profit but you either fear you will lose out on more upside and not take the profit until after the market falls
2. Not taking small losses — understand that all businesses involves losses. Investors cling to stocks even with losses in the hope that the value of their stocks will improve, but instead get trapped with losses, which they say, recover over time (but no one can guarantee anything – and like the mining sector, could take years)
3. Investing in poor opportunities – In the stockmarket, we have wisdom that says “the trend is your friend”, unfortunately for local investors, here they can only profit by buying low and selling high which only works in uptrending markets. Some “average down” so you can buy stocks at cheaper price then supposedly sell at higher price, but this strategy results to losses with downtrending market and not a low-risk strategy for a volatile market like what is evident now. The big uptrend is in the US market because of the strengthening US$ and stimulus expected from incoming Trump presidency.

So to help investors solve the problem of big losses, I have two (2) back-to-back events happening on Nov. 26.
1. Invest Right Foundation Workshop – done in the morning, this will give you precisely the information you need like understanding the market, how to create a profitable system from our proven examples and risk management so you can invest, create wealth and sleep soundly at night!
1) US Investing Workshop – because the “trend is your friend” and that big, fat trend is here now. This is critical for BUSY people, we can help you pick a stock that fits you and ride the trend, even if you don’t want to do anything fancy, having your money in US Dollars that is getting stronger will increase your capital while you just sit back and watch it grow. For the committed investor, you can even generate weekly income by use of Options, plus multiply your investing power because your US broker can let you borrow funds. Superb benefits and all you just have to do is get into a different market!

Here again are our fantastic-value events with actionable and specific ideas made dynamic and fun this November!
1st Event : “Invest Right Foundation Workshop”
November 26, 2016 830am-12nn
Ortigas area (exact location upon registration)
Early-Bird Rate : 2,000 pesos (Regular rate : 3,000 pesos)
Freebies : Full eBook of “High Heeled Traders (worth 800 pesos), Investing Kit (no need to start from scratch – priceless!). We will hold your hand as you start to invest to help you achieve added security and confidence!

2nd Event : “US Investing Workshop”
November 26, 2016 1-530pm
Early-Bird Rate : 5,000 pesos (Regular rate : 8,000 pesos)
With FREE attendance to the morning session and the freebies that come with it! As in the morning session offer, we will mentor you with feedback discussions on your Investing Kit — to help you achieve added security and confidence!

As you may have read the US markets have been rallying to record highs and Philippines is one of the fastest-growing economies, so these popular workshops are filling up quickly.

To register, email charmel@highheeledtraders.com

For more details about the topics:

Current Workshops

Nothing should get in the way of our life goals, invest in your success!


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