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Money or Mastery?

January 25, 2017

“I don’t care about being the best investor. I just want a lot of money! ”

Yes, sure, why not….

But wait,  I know a lot of people, who would think it is unfair, if someone who is not really good at what they do, get paid handsomely….(or more than you, who is more competent!)


In the early days of January, I began reviewing the Peak Performance Homestudy Course of Dr. Van Tharp once again.   It is like getting physical exercise for the body, and this course is  “conditioning”  for the most important tool we have in this business, our mind.  I’ve read and re-read this material many times over the years and it is always so enriching.

It reminded me of my many misadventures in investing.  When I started investing,   I was doing it to make extra income.  I’m pretty focused on that as I had a very stressful job with lots of time away from home. Many say, they want to invest for retirement, invest for income, invest for building wealth or a large sum to be able to afford a dream — house, car or vacation.   Seminars, books, news articles, and group chats later,   the  investor  can become convinced to pursue an investing strategy,  become  one of commonly known investor either “technical” or “fundamental” investor,  and “invest for the long-term”,  but for lack of deep knowledge,  most lose money, then drop out from investing entirely.

I guess I was lucky,  because from the start, and  after so many years, trading disasters and restarts later, I am still investing, because ,,,,

I have a goal that really mattered to me.

It really bothered me if  I couldn’t get it.

I get that feeling that I am letting loved ones down, if I don’t accomplish that goal.

That goal was  — to have an investing income so I can take care of my babies, and  I know  I can only get to this goal,  if  I  learn how to invest like the very best investors invest.

How about you, what is your GOAL?  Do  you really want that goal so bad that you have to do whatever it takes to get it, by becoming competent and masterful in execution — by controlling risk, managing fear and greed, consistency etc

For those who want to step up their mastery, and become much more profitable,  the new schedule for my Invest Right Discovery Workshop for investors / traders is on February 28, 2016, back to back with US Investing Workshop.

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