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The other day, my daughter was telling me about this particular character in Harry Potter and I said, “Dumble who?”. And she said, Mom how can you not know about Harry Potter? I said, “Oh because at the time it was all the rage, I’m quite busy with learning all I could about investing.”
But I admit sometimes I have thought of quitting investing and finding something else (more fun) to do. Yes, I’ve thought of quitting investing / trading many times. I’ve been “doing” things that traders do, keeping up with the market and such, but where is the joy? Because I remember the time that investing was all I could think about, I was just reading on and on and on, creating formula on excel spreadsheets , updating stock charts by hand etc. When I was about to give birth to my 2nd baby (I thought I’ve got the first one, this is a breeze hehe) I even have my stock charts in the hospital for “bedtime reading”.
Anyway, I said to myself, maybe I am just tired. The necessity to invest actively was quite strong but the urge to just take a break was stronger. In the end, I decided, if I restart my investing in this state of mind, I would likely just suffer losses.
So, what does a girl do to relax…. I went shopping, threw away that “diet plan”, and resolved to do things I enjoy. (When you are a mom, this should be built in to activities, but bringing up 3 children can be quite stressful, and belongs to another book!) It got a little better after that, investing was not just the “routine” that needed to be done, but I was beginning to feel that, there was that old me, raring to be in the markets, where investing is fun, and profitable!
So are you investing with less than satisfactory results? Is it fun to do AND profitable for you? If you don’t answer YES to both, you are not making the most of the profits and probably descend to a losing venture.

Why does it have to be fun? Because if not, it will be chore and a bore, and your tendency is not to do all that is required to make it a successful venture.
Do you skip a step in your trading procedure? (I have 15 steps!)
Do you complete your documentation (I have a checklist with 30 items that need to be documented)
And if you think you are having fun, but not earning the kind of money you want, then there is no point in investing. There are other ways to have fun and not have to lose money 🙂

So let’s make investing fun and profitable, shall we? These are the twin aims of my foundation workshop, and I will be conducting back-to-back workshops to be able to help investors with attaining the critical mental strategies for investing, how to make decisions and avoiding losses in the Invest Right Foundation Workshop and for those who want regular income (in US Dollars!) through an investing business, the US Stocks Investing Workshop is a must to attend — where there are strategies for every kind of market — both happening on March 4, 2016 Saturday, in Ortigas area. Check out this link for the details:

Current Workshops

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