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Inauguration Recalibration

Inauguration Day  for the new US President finally arrives and I’m  reading up on the news of the biggest suspense …Read the Rest

Trump and Other Big Bangs

Finally made it back to this blog! Took a break from writing over the holidays, and there were very enticing …Read the Rest

Hot Legs

Heyyyaaa,,, so nothing disastrous actually happened with the Italy referendum and days after that had the US market rallying to …Read the Rest

Cause for Pause

We had a busy week last week following the news about OPEC finally making their production quotas, which has been …Read the Rest

Hot Stocks: Making a List and Checking it Twice!

Awesome workshop last Saturday! We were talking about stocks that is set to continue to rally and we’re making a …Read the Rest

Rally On and On and On and On

” All four major U.S. equity benchmarks climbed to record highs ” — even before the actual market drivers happen. …Read the Rest

3 Massive Mistakes Leading to Big Losses

I have been writing about investing and conducting workshops for years, and most investors I talk to are really putting …Read the Rest

Too Much Too Soon (Buy The Dip!)

The US stockmarket going higher and higher is of course good news, but Billionaire investor Carl Icahn believes too much …Read the Rest

Shopping Never Felt This Good

4th day rally to record high — pushed by strong retail sales, with 11 out of 13 categories major categories …Read the Rest

Record High and Higher

There was drama, tension, hope and great victory.   That sums up  the stockmarket this week, just like in beauty pageants. …Read the Rest

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