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Market Fashions

Markets always change.  Like Fashion, darlings.    There are strong themes though that I think would be coming back and forth …Read the Rest

Shopping Skills for Top Trading

I was walking towards the mall when the idea that  Trading is like Shopping hit me.   At that time, I …Read the Rest

Exporters … prepare to hurt!

Just read   Reuters article  China warns U.S. debt-default idea is “playing with fire” http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/06/08/us-usa-debt-bondholders-idUSTRE75718320110608 As I said in article …Read the Rest

A Not-So-Technical Technical Analysis

If you’re looking for the hot strategy, fool-proof indicators and magical entry technique, it’s not in this fairytale!  😛   To …Read the Rest

Survive and Thrive : Position Sizing

If there is one thing that made wake me up to the fact that I was  Trading wrong, it’s Position …Read the Rest

Right on the Money

I worry about being too honest here. 😛 Talking losses, study and work, even I feel scared sometimes. HEHEHE Well …Read the Rest

First Investments

  I’ve  said that it is a GREAT start not to have money to Trade at first.  Apart from giving you …Read the Rest

Fun with Funds – Shop and Trade – Rewind!

I didn’t know why until a few months ago. “Live below your means” seems to be a sound financial idea …Read the Rest

Fun with Funds – Money lying around

SELL “STUFF” Usually these would be your “non-performing assets” – those that you keep around but don’t actually use, don’t …Read the Rest

Fun with Funds – It’s your money

“I got my money the old fashioned way, I inherited it.”   So said a Forbes billionaire.  A lot of them came …Read the Rest

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