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Buy 1 Take 1

I have to confess, I was away from the blog and was out shopping in the Sales.  It’s back to …Read the Rest

Learn to Last – Part 3 : Physically

Learn to Last PHYSICALLY With the exception of disc-jockeys, voice-over announcers  and phone-sex operators, there probably isn’t a job out there that …Read the Rest

Learn to Last – Part 2 : Psychologically

LEARN TO LAST  PSYCHOLOGICALLY “Cut your losses short, let your profits run”… must be the most repeated phrase in Trading.    …Read the Rest

Learn to Last – Part 1 : Financially

What I’m going to tell you is probably something not discussed in most Trading books. I know, there are books …Read the Rest

Where are you going?

We mentioned  preparation in “Entering the Water”… where are you going anyway? I touched on Objectives couple of times before. …Read the Rest

Entering The Water

  I had a hard time deciding what to write after the last article. I am considering a logical sequence …Read the Rest

Oceans of Opportunities

Oceans of Opportunities

  Let me say it again, Trading is a way to multiply your returns through “buying low and selling high” …Read the Rest

The Need to be Right and Other Myths

So I  said earlier Trading is simply Buying and Selling. When I first tried to learn to trade – went …Read the Rest

It’s not me, it’s YOU!

Happy New Year!  I hope that through Christmas and New Year holidays you were able to reflect on the past …Read the Rest

Trading: Make money off people who make money from you!

Jumping off from the other article about  why you would consider Trading – that  it is a way to multiply …Read the Rest

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