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Don’t Settle

May 26, 2011

I learned that when I really want something,  I’d just have to find a way to get it.  Steve Jobs – Billionaire and founder of Apple said so himself : Don’t Settle.

Watch :

I am happy that a lot of my friends read my blog though some say they “don’t have money for Trading”, yet. I say, “that is a GREAT start!” I hear “Are you kidding me?”. No. My friends, it takes money to Trade, but then, it’s when you start putting together the Trading fund that you know if you REALLY WANT to do it or not. That makes a difference.

When do you know you REALLY WANT to do it? I knew I wanted to do it when I discovered the VALUE it gave me. More free time to do what I love, more time in my kids’ precious growing years, more money for treats (or new shoes) 😛 With it, I can build something more and bring me closer to what I REALLY WANT for my exciting highheeled future. 😛 So think of what you REALLY want, and think whether Trading will help you get it. Think whether all we’ve talked about here makes sense to you and make you feel you CAN do it, that you are willing to do what it takes to Trade successfully. Then when that’s decided, I’ll share how we can scrape together the funds !

Think of what you REALLY want. The sky’s the limit.   Don’t settle.

Boracay Skies, Philippines by Fr. Noi Azupardo

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(Original article posted around last week of April 2011)

  My  4yr old son wakes up so early now, I have no choice but to bring him with me when I go for early morning walks.  He’s into numbers so you can ask him the price of Unleaded Gasoline and he can tell you to  two places of the decimal point.    Maybe in a while we’ll do a “connect-the-dots” of the prices, so he can see the trend. Cool huh!

I’m sure you don’t need to do “connect-the-dots”  to know  gas prices has been going up!  $109 was the price of  Oil a while ago, been going up for a while now, think that filling up at the gas station is  going to be a slippery situation?   You’re probably right!  Can you help it?  No.  Can you do something to protect yourself?  Yes as a matter of fact, you can!

This has happened before, for sure you’d remember… 2008? (Before the Global Financial Crisis).  We were paying up tp $1.70 per liter at the pump  (it’s now at $1.47 with $30 or so to the High).     It’s happening again and it’s about time you  “make money from people who make money from you”!  Just a step back, the reasons floated around at that time:

1. increased demand from growing economies of China and India — the new kids in the block in consumption

2. supply problems in places where they are sourced  (e.g. Nigerian rebels attacking oil facilities)

3. hurricanes (Oil rigs needing to be evacuated)

4.  declining value of the US Dollar (the US Dollar goes down, Oil prices go up)

5. some authoritarian rulers going crazy thrown in to the mix!  (Venezuelan leader “surprise” privatization of  Oil companies)

The unfortunate situation in Japan also fuelled the recent  rise in Oil prices.  With Nuclear energy being seen as unattractive option,  there is more demand for Oil and gas resources.  The BP Oil spill that happened in the United States few months back also  restricted the production plans of companies.   The simmering discontent in the Middle East  which produce much of the world’s  supply triggers uncertainty ( at the very least).  On the demand side, more countries joining the big league as far as consumption is concerned : South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia and a host of  Asian, Latin American and African countries as well.

All these point to higher prices, with the  hysterical High reaching $145 back then.    So before things get more painful at the gas station, look at investing in  Oil and Energy related companies.   Maybe you can calculate your holdings (the number of shares)  such that you have enough to pay for the gas and more.   Say every month you expect to pay $100 more for gas,  if you have 500 shares  it only need to move by 23cents for you to get that value to  offset  high gas prices.  If it moves 50c per month, you are definitely ahead  (50c x 500 shares = 250 per month).  Gas pain becomes Gas gain.

Or be prepared to get walking everywhere… decidedly healthy and good for the environment too, if you can do it.

Thanks to Via Uno Shoes


UPDATE    12 MAY 2011

OIL had dropped by $10 to  below $100  but the gas prices at the pump didn’t budge as much!  Follow my discussion with Forbes blogs contributor Agustino Fontevecchia on the reasons why!



Updated 25 May 2011

After Oil prices plunged to high ’90s, I got into my oil stock again, thought it could not go much further down due to demand.  Found this article where the US Federal Reserve official share my thoughts on Oil Trends.


And also a new Forbes blog article about the Goldman recommendation for Oil by Mr. Fontevecchia, commented on it and got Called -Out! 

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I might as well tell you.   Before writing up a storm about the Trading process I’m sharing, I’m cross-checking the Concepts and Functions that I’ve discussed here against the Process Steps.  Kind of what we call in I.T. -land  a  “Traceability Matrix”   for those inclined to ask  where the hell  I get the idea.    😛

Wanna see?

Trading_Concepts  click this link to see what Concepts (summarized in Dressed to Trade post) are used in which Step in the Process.     Just start from the top left for the Concept and move sideways to the right.  An X  marks the spot where that concept is in use in each Step.   (love treasure maps! 🙂   )

I want to make sure that you know that what we’ve covered so far are  all part of the  process, and so at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I hope you read this from the start and didn’t miss any previous discussion of concepts.  (Handy reference is in  “For Newbabes”).

Trading_Functions_and_Process this link cross-checks the Task groups or Functions (discussed here )  that I recommend to form part of what you need to do in order to trade, that will be part of your lifestyle. You will see some functions that need to be decided / established before Trading, which I indicated as “pre-flight” item and also tasks outside of the regular process.

I then checked the Process Steps for topics / concepts that I need to discuss further or summarize (what’s already written) for use in the Process.   (Soon to be revealed.  😛  )

Yes Yes Yes, we’re right in the middle of it!   It’s like preparing a Shopping List before you hit the shops!
>> Know what you want to achieve
>> Know what you have / can use
>> Know what you still need to get
Told you, Trading is like Shopping !

I got my list, so have you got yours? Check concepts/topics that you need to review.
Have you ever gone shopping and forgot to bring along a Shopping List?
Exactly! Missed an ingredient, went overbudget, bought the wrong thing!

OK so do that now….prepare to take the plunge!

Plunge In! - photo by Fr.Noi Azupardo

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Walk This Way

May 19, 2011

My friend “Dewi” was telling me, she has been reading a lot of other “beginner” books  like “Trading for Dummies” etc and realized that she doesn’t find what she reads here  in those books.  HEHEHE  What does that tell you?  My guess is that  they don’t really Trade, they are not written for women   or they need to read this blog! 😛

I’ve written about Trading the way I did because I found that the way to approach Trading is mighty important to the results you get or much-hoped-for success.  It really should be part of Trading education.  I learned this the harrrrdddd way.  Seriously.

I remember when I first started, I devoured books/CDs on “basic terminologies”, strategies, researched about companies.  I even went on “personal finance” seminars trumpeting “how to get started”, paper traded ( I thought that was a good practice),  opened an account and traded for the first time. $15,000 and 4 months later,  I found a hole in my pocket among other things.    😮

OK, still I stand here at this point with the reflection, that if I hadn’t done what I did, I wouldn’t be here today. So I am grateful,  but I felt if I learned the way to start correctly, I could have better results.  I hope YOU don’t  make the same mistakes.  (So go back to the start of this blog!  See For Newbabes for the outline)

Here’s what I’ve written so far that I think is important before actually plunging in Trading “How-Tos” :

1)      Know the nature of the business

  • What really is Trading  (Why Trade, The Need to Be Right)
  • Success factors  (Self-Mastery – It’s not me, it’s YOU, The Right Foundation)
  • Trading environment and dynamics ie. Markets (Oceans of Opportunities,     Buy 1 Take 1)

2)      Money principles  – that consciously or unconsciously guide your decision making.

3)      Lifestyle considerations – this can be a source of help or stress, hence, it affects your performance. IN A BIG WAY.

Walk in my (High-Heeled) Shoes

Yes. I’m going to tell you HOW I trade.  What steps I follow, the  concepts, system I use. The whole Trading process I do.  I had a blast from the past with my Business Analyst blood returning and came up with 15 steps.  (I’ve been using the whole thing but just broke it down further for more clarity here).  Excited?  Scared?    Don’t worry.  This is just to  “show and tell” what I do, hoping that, other women who may be in similar situation can learn from it.

My High Heeled Trading Process

Step Process Step Description
1 Prayer and Preparation
2 Ready to Trade?
3 Position Sizing
4 Market Understanding
5 Stalking Price + Opportunity Summary
6 Considering a Trade/ Position
7 Identify Position
8 Mental Preparation
9 Action
10 Update Diary
11 Capture Chart/Funds
12 Monitor
13 Closing
14 Update OPEN Trades List
15 Update Trade Transaction List

What I’d like to do is to discuss some more Trading concepts and show how they are applied in the process.   I believe this makes it both simple and effective.   So next articles will be on these processes.

You’ve come a long way girl, but the journey is just beginning.

May the Fierce be with you!

Sipalay Beach, Philippines - photo by Fr. Noi Azupardo

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Hide and Seek

May 16, 2011

2- 3  weeks ago,   “I have a feeling”  that the markets will turn choppy — the prices reached at that point (last week of April) was just insane — with investors chasing returns  in  Oil, Silver, and the Australian Dollar — the  (1 AUD equivalent to USD 1.10 — been discovering more US shopping sites ! hahaha)  😛

Now the market is much more volatile — with the Greek and debt crisis  poking out its ugly head again.  Even  “shocking”,  Obama  is  rocking the boat now with talk of  a “US default” (if things don’t go his way).   Did I say   that was “shocking” ?  Oh don’t mind me,  nothing official,  just my personal thoughts.   (I didn’t think they’d  breathe a word about “defaulting on their debt” because they have TRILLIONS  owed to everybody — most of them Chinese!  There goes another super-power! )  😛



So what have I been trading?  Nothing. 

I’m just sitting here waiting for things to play out.  In the past weeks, I  was  reworking my “trading life” my trading procedure, systems, schedule  and was very engrossed with what I was doing I was only following my long-term trade on my retirement account.  I didn’t want to open a new position. 

Officially,  that’s still “Trading”.   Waiting is part of Trading. There has been a Bloomberg survey of investors cashing up in the last week — converting their profitable plays from commodities  and stocks into cash.    This Debt issue is not for the faint hearted — there might still be good profit results from companies but market sentiment will be cautious to negative or “risk aversion” will be high.    There would be the battle-tested and sophisticated traders out to make money from the volatility, but if  your system is not meant to work in volatile markets, it’s  not the time. 

So consider this  my cool advice —  seek safety, for now, stay in Cash.

Hide and Seek - photo by Noel Abejero

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“Metamorphosis!” my almost-5-yr old son said.     He is fond of saying this word now ever since he watched the Sesame Street show  about animals that undergo “a BIG change”.    Mama is proud of course!    Kids learn like sponges!

In the eyes of a child

I talked about Trading  activities I do with them — that’s  coming from me.  You know, to help myself out.  🙂    It tickles me though that  the children ask questions or observe something and I can give them a start at  acquiring Trading knowledge.   So far we’ve talked about :

  • SEASONS.   My 6year old daughter just asked me why we don’t get to eat strawberries anymore — I told her, they don’t grow that well during cold weather.    She agreed, having noticed leaves in plants fall off.   While in the summer,  the warm sun make them grow well so there’s plenty of fruit and so they are cheap.    The same    Seasonal concept applies in Trading.     Oil is my favorite example –say  when the US summer starts out,  a lot of people go for driving holidays and the demand  is high at this point.  It also coincides with hurricane season on the Atlantic side, that could crossover to the  Gulf of Mexico where a lot of US oil comes from.  When hurricanes are strong and blow into this area, it could affect the “supply” because the  oil rigs have to be closed for safety.  Oil prices could spike. After the “summer” season, the Oil price could drift lower in what is called “shoulder season” when the demand goes down.
  • VALUE.   School lunch is usually a sandwich.  I put it in a resealable sandwich bag and ask my daughter to bring  back the bag.  Most days, I’d ask for it and she’d say she forgot.  I explained, I need the sandwich bag back so I can still use it to put things  to keep in the freezer.  That way, we are able to get as much value for each bag.  They actually cost about 5cents each.  So to help her understand “value” — I told her, “if you bring back the sandwich bag, I can give you the 5cents so you have your own money”  ( her eyes sparkle after hearing this), and she’s been bringing me back the sandwich bags.   🙂  There is no doubt she now understands “value”.  In Trading or acquiring investments,  Value is a good  measurement to use, after all, we only want to hold on to something that has “value”.  So then if  a company’s stocks are  “under-valued” it is a good BUY for long term, and if stocks are “over-valued”, then it is time to SELL. 
  • TRENDS — my son wakes up early, sometimes even before  I finish my preparations for trading.   He would sit at my lap and he’d see me checking stock charts – 1 year, 6 months, 3 months  in duration. This would show  movements in the price and he would often trace the chart with his head bobbing along, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down.   This simple observation is used a lot for Trading.  In  Trading,  prices “trend” or  move in a certain direction, the  trader could then apply a strategy to take profit from it.

Future Traders?

A friend of mine have said my children could be “traders” in a few years.   Like any parent, I would be happy and proud for them to follow in my  (high-heeled)  footsteps.  🙂     They do have other things going on though, like my son loves to sing, and my daughter loves to draw.   For me, it is enough that I am able to teach them all I know that could help them look into the future with high hopes .

To give them  roots and wings.

Sweet Childhood - Photo by Noel Abejero

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Enduring Beauty - photo by Fr. Noi Azupardo

I thought when I saw her, I saw my “former” self in her. Busy, tired, bit frustrated juggling everything but still holding on to a dream. She’s also a mom and we met in a trading seminar. This is one of the things that hit me long before, if ever there was a group of people more fit to trade, it’s the Mothers of this Earth. Why? because Trading is a combination of so many different (sometimes opposing) things and mastering them is HARD…. and Mothers know HAAAARRRRRDDDD, and yet, we  still do it !

Top Traits

Some of my friends that I’ve talked to about trading say it is “risky”, “you should be able to predict”. Since you’re still reading this, clearly you have a better understanding.   🙂

 I’ve insisted that “Women are Natural Traders”, let me tell you about traits of  Top Traders that you will find familiar in mothering roles :

1. Risk-awareness – top traders don’t just take on any risk. The winning trades are often low-risk, and this is where mothers’ protectiveness can be put to good use — being aware of risks and assess if it is low enough to get into.

2. Flexibility : Patience and Action – you’d be familiar with this if you are still herding young children to go somewhere or do something. Need to use a lot of patience and take action when necessary to keep up with schedules and avoid ill temper (on both sides hehehe). Trading is the same, there is a lot of patience required (for profit to grow if moving in favor) before seizing the opportunity if it start to  fall and take profit at that point.

3. Discipline – this is about following the good and the right for a cause, no further explanation needed I hope!

4.  Being prepared –we’re always ready in case of any accident or unfortunate event.   The bringing of extra diapers, food, clothes – it’s about being prepared and going on with the show!  For  Trading this is applied in mapping out all that can happen in a trade –  knowing what to do if things don’t work or surpass targets even before getting into a trade.  Also being prepared for “contingencies” like if your  computer fails  or internet access is down – need to have a back-up plan.  Always.

5. Makeovers – this is about transformation – women seem to have a DNA for sensing when a change is needed for the better or something does not work.    Makeovers need not be extreme, but surely a woman is open to trying a change in appearance even as subtle as a  new   ‘do.     In Trading, this is particularly useful as when you need to change after  evaluating your own performance or the system you are following.

Mothering and Trading

Cool Mom - photo by Noel Abejero

“Busy, tired, bit frustrated juggling everything” – I think I’m past that stage!  When I realized what I really wanted my life to be and how Trading fits in — I made adjustments and strive to organize everything to work together so I can fairly say I am a more relaxed person, mother and trader. (Except on Mondays! Hehehe).

Also, I use a pretty common technique to pursue my Trading goals. The male population is reportedly scared by this M –word– and quite frankly, it is not “fool-proof” but without it, I don’t think dinners would be served on time to hungry little stomachs every day.  I am talking about “multi-tasking”.   What I do is not “extraordinary”, but I make it a point that I do some trading-related activity that takes place at the same time as taking care of my kids, the house or my own well-being.

I found that I can combine 3-4 activities at one time (yeah, it can get pretty twisted 🙂  )

1. Playing with my baby at her playpen, I listen to a CD of my Trading course while I lie on the floor doing muscle-tightening exercises (abdomen/thigh) or breathing / relaxation exercises.

2. Checking the stock price with my children (at 3 years old or so they already know the alphabet) – I get them to type up the Stock Symbol and read to me the stock price. I get to reinforce their learning of alphabets, numbers, reading skills and engage with the children – and I get to monitor my positions.

3. Going for a walk (usually with my son – he wakes up early) or soak in a scented bath (usually with my eldest daughter ) thinking about Low-Risk trade I can do next, strategies or listening to Trading CD. So we bond, learn something and relax / let go of stress.

4. Walking with the children, we read the price of gas along the road and come home to plot them in a chart. We do “connect the dots” and this they learned to do on their own — trace the Highs and Lows in a stock chart.

5. Looking at world maps (the kids like playing with Google Earth and some cartoons bring up cultures and countries in their stories). We talk about “economic features” that is interesting to them, why there are a lot of tall buildings or people — it is quite funny — the amount of questioning that they are capable of !

Multi-tasking is surely only limited by your imagination. If you have any ideas in folding in trading activities, I’d love to hear it!

Bustling Vietnam-photo by Noel Azupardo



Top Models

In Forbes magazine, I like to read about how mega-rich people raise their children so that they too, are able to build on their wealth.   

It ran an article about “Mothers and Leadership Agility” by Ana Dutra,  ” Mothers, especially working mothers, have to be both fast on their feet and make sure they are modeling the behaviors they wish their future generations to adopt. For mothers, new challenges and ambiguity are the norm, rather than the exception. Yet, we aim for not only day-to-day results, but also long-term success.”   The author may have referred to “raising children” as having “challenges and ambiguity (uncertainty)” –    this also rings  true for Trading!   In Trading we aim to profit from opportunities in  volatility (up-down movement)  or trends that are caused by many factors,  that are not always clear.   As in Mothering and Trading — what helps us to triumph are our  Rules and  Self-Mastery.

So Mothering and Trading are in many ways,  the same.  

My new battle cry  : Mothers make  Top Traders !   


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my son takesover the PC and capture this shot

Hello !  As a mother, I always want the best for my children.  As the days go by, I realize, I need to be my best if I  am to raise them  to be the best person they can be! YES! Mothers have dreams too!   One of them might be learning something new, like STOCK TRADING and having  financial freedom — BUT  make use of existing skills and knowledge, kind of integrating everything in life.  That’s exactly why we offer  great Trading insights  from “certified girl” experiences.  If you  are into  Shopping, Fashion  and Shoes  — you are way ahead understanding what Trading is all about!  Totally  !  Go to “For Newbabes”  page to get the juicy details !

It is my pleasure to  present  Special  Events for Mother’s Day!


Where : Hello Happy Cafe (cozy cafe in just outside the doors of Westfield Mall Chatswood, Victoria Ave. SYDNEY) 

When :

  • Weekday – 5 May     4:30-5:30 pm
  • Weekend – 8 May    3:00-4:00 pm

I’m buying the coffee, you chime in with your thoughts and questions, deal?

Send email to charmel@highheeledtraders.com or SMS +61-405148124 to reserve your place.  Book early to avoid disappointment!


Was thinking to do this Saturday 10pm AEST (Sydney time)

Shoot me an email if time is OK and with preference to do Skype Conferencing or Facebook!  I’m also looking at other platforms.  charmel@highheeledtraders.com  Keep posted!

This is another “gravity-defying”  Women Empowerment Event in Sydney  to raise awareness  on the new Women’s organization –  United Nations Women – National Committee Australia of which I am a member and volunteer!

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Girl Power Trading

April 29, 2011

Via Uno

WHY  I believe women can be great traders has been revealed , but I’ve been asked,  HOW do I do it?   With a   young family and  3 kids under 6, plus an  IT job,  a friend of mine once said — if she was doing half of what I do  — she’d be dead… I cracked “you think I’m still alive?”    🙂       You bet,  it is the Spirit that is willing,  and taking bold steps in high heels.    🙂

My good friend, Lucille,  recently had her 3rd baby.  We worked in a Telecoms company ages ago, I did the business continuity testing for IT in a mega-million dollar network rollout where she was the Project Manager. She’s definitely one of the Fierce Kind.  Now she’s in a multinational telecoms company. She’s on maternity leave and she said one of her goals when she goes back to work is to study, for her personal growth.  She said with her career, young family and laundry service businesses, she’s just wondering how to do it and thought of me with my studying / Trading, writing, IT  job and home life minus the househelp and family support that she enjoys.   (When I went for holiday, I met her family in a shopping center with an entourage of 2 nannies and a driver – ahhhh take me back in your arms, Manila! ).   So time to answer the million dollar question : HOW TO DO IT?


I think one of the keys is Motivation, keep yourself motivated and committed to what you are doing. I believe ultimately, what we are doing should help us to be happy, otherwise, why do it?   Money can be earned any which way, I realized, I had more energy and enthusiasm for the “work” needed to be done, because it helps me to be happy.   “Happiness  comes as a result of being in our natural state of growth and living up to our fullest potential”.  Got that little gem from the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ekel.   I think I can use all my womanly qualities, my well-honed  Shopping  skills  and love for Shoes in  ” Trading for a living”, if you think the same,  bloom bloom bloom!

Photo by Fr. Noi Azupardo - Orchid Blooms


When I was in college, I had a roommate, Mitzi.  Come exams, funny, we meet each other in the hallway half-awake – she burns the night oil and study before she sleeps while I doze off  and wake up early to hit the books.  I do the same today.  I have what I call “Deep Thinking” hours and “Light Thinking” hours —  this is up to you really. 

For “Deep thinking”  I prefer waking up early in the morning to have that extra 1 hour of peace and quiet —  I focus on what I need to study/prepare for a trade.  When the baby still woke up whenever she wants for milk, I just sneak into the PC and study.  Then when I feel sleepy, I crawl back to bed, I usually limit to 1 hour so I’m not sleep-deprived (and cranky  HAHAHA).  I adjusted this when baby had a more predictable sleeping pattern, I just set the alarm clock. 

Then during the day, is when  “Light thinking” mode is on  —  when there are distractions, I just check up stock prices,  gather news updates, scribble notes or file documents, listen to educational audios during quiet time with the baby.   I also make use of “waiting time” throughout the day, I have multiple copies of things I study in my bag, car, office, and bring it out when waiting (at the bank,  park, doctor’s clinic, etc) and I carry around a pen and small notebook where I write notes —  “aha” ideas, questions or  strategy, risks or next steps. I think this is important because this is the result of your own thought process, something you boiled down in your head, you actually learned, not just read.  I think it is important to write notes  and Trade plan down, you not just reinforce your learning / task, you actually have a backup plan as gadgets get into trouble sometimes.   

We live in amazing times and we can do more things / studying on the move, just look at the smartphones, e-Readers in the market, audio via MP3s.  I will be creating resources to make studying easier – sign up here!


I give time for the children for most of the day when I’m home,  we do some Trading activities together (check prices etc., tell you more later) and I mostly do the chores when I have another adult in the house.  For the week,  I allocate days as follows:

  1. 3 days at the office, do some paperwork for the house  – Mon-Wed
  2. personal growth  at Toastmasters – Wednesday evenings 2x a month
  3. housekeeping / shopping / errands – Thursdays
  4. volunteering at playgroup – Friday morning
  5. pampering – Friday afternoon
  6. fun and recreation -Saturdays
  7. worship day, rest day -Sunday

When I first got interested and  did my Trading,  I thought  devoting endless hours on the computer reading and watching the market will help me succeed.  But no!    Learned the hard way that performance and psychological condition is affected by all the other things that I am and need to do, so slowwwwwlllyyyy, I had to change my lifestyle  —  all those  non-Trading  activities actually still help me to Trade —  I am at peace knowing that I take care of my children, household responsibilities, manage stress through fun and relaxation, nurtured spiritually and keep myself motivated. 


Things can easily go wrong in the house, little accidents, frankly, my human powers also take a break.  If I wake up late or any of the children is sick,  I just need to be aware that I SHOULD NOT  trade a new position that day, as I might just get worried and  cloud judgment.    If  the other adult in my household does not do their share in the housework, I just let it slide, I do it myself if it urgently needs to be done.  In all these things, I aim to  maintain a relaxed  mood,  or what Ken Long calls  “Zero State” for Trading – that I am neither angry or excited,  just “clear” to see risks and opportunity.   I picture myself in an island … like the one down here… ahhhhh isn’t that relaxing … beautiful……beautiful ….. beautiful….

Photo by Fr. Noi Azupardo - Boracay Island, Philippines

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Life on High (Heels)

April 22, 2011

I  got yet another pair of shoes yesterday.  It’s getting cold here and I needed a “smart-casual”  pair to wear to whiz around with the kids, do some business  and keep warm — I got a pair of  grey ankle boots which had to have heels  (just because I feel slightly more empowered and sharp than wearing flat shoes you know what I mean?)

The day proceeded with me walking with the kids to their friends’ house, and I have to tell you,  I completely forgot about this downhill road we had to pass.   Yikes!  Trying to slow down the stroller (with a heavy toddler on it)  quickly became  tricky business. I tried to walk  while pulling the stroller backwards,  then I tried walking on the grass but it was slippery, then back on the sidewalk, the stroller had an idea of its own going zig zag.    I guess that’s the essence of  “life on high heels”… you’re always on your toes.     🙂 

If  I was just on normal “mother” mode,  the easy choice would have been the comfortable sneakers that I quite frankly enjoy using in my walks.  But these days it’s different,  if I was to continue engaging women I come across everyday and who might need a new perspective or a peek into what Trading is all about, I had to go out  present myself with credibility and use  “high heels”  to explain Trading concepts.  Downhill roads or no downhill roads.    Once we got to where we were going anyway, I got to engage some moms about Trading,   (plus I burned a lot more calories, yey!)   —  in Life,  there are always tough spots, but  the benefits are tremendous.

 Today is Good Friday,  a very important day in the Christian world.  We remember today,  Jesus, the Son of God, carried His Cross and traded his life for all of us, to free us from our sins and live Life in the everlasting grace of God.   Allow me to say, I felt  walking with those heeled shoes yesterday was like sharing in “carrying  the  cross”.   Just have to  walk the walk even when it’s difficult.  

Photo by Fr.Noi Azupardo - Century-old Crucifix

 I hope today you join me in reflecting  what  we can do in this great Gift we are given.  Life is  probably not meant to be easy, but…. Life is meant to be BEAUTIFUL.

Live Life on High (Heels).

Thanks to Via Uno for the “High” in Shoes.

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