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Real Estate Investors as Traders?

I was at the first morning of Peak Performance 101 Workshop  and it was interesting to find a lot of …Read the Rest

The List goes on… Real Estate and Trading

I was trying to help a BFF to find “Mr. Right”. One of the things I asked her to do …Read the Rest

Table for Two – Real Estate & Trading

After finishing the article “Dressed to Trade”, I thought “ that should give you a shot of reality”, and “uhhmmm …Read the Rest

Dressed to Trade!

This is the moment of truth.  In this article I will tell you  what  you are getting  into in the …Read the Rest

Learn to Last – Part 3 : Physically

Learn to Last PHYSICALLY With the exception of disc-jockeys, voice-over announcers  and phone-sex operators, there probably isn’t a job out there that …Read the Rest

Entering The Water

  I had a hard time deciding what to write after the last article. I am considering a logical sequence …Read the Rest

Oceans of Opportunities

Oceans of Opportunities

  Let me say it again, Trading is a way to multiply your returns through “buying low and selling high” …Read the Rest

First Things First : Why Trade?

I have been told to post an article about the first things  you should know about trading, so as the …Read the Rest

Lessons from a Trader Mom

Trading stocks, bonds, currencies are often  thought of as a high risk, high reward, high intensity  game.    I traded like …Read the Rest

Women + Shopping + Shoes = Natural Traders

In every  Trading workshop I go to, I would count how many women are in the class and we would …Read the Rest