PROCESS Steps 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  prayer self-analysis position market stalk+summary trade identify mental action capture debrief monitor closing OPEN TRANS
Research and Education                              
Markets     x x                      
Market Type and Strategies         x                    
What Concepts to use          x                    
System (Rules) including Position Sizing (TM)     x   x                    
What moves the markets?        x                      
Market selection / What to Trade       x                      
Others        x                      
Developing Self-Mastery                              
Risk Control      x x x                    
Stress Management  x x             x            
Attitudes and Beliefs  x                            
Practice Trading outside of Trading procedure                            
Zero State / Mental prep x             x       x x    
Business Planning                              
Objectives  x   x                        
Spending Money      x                        
Timeframe        x x                    
Plan B (backup plan)     x                 x x    
Actual Trading                              
Look for Opportunity         x x                  
Am I following the Rules          x x                  
Open          x x   x x x x        
Monitor the trade         x             x      
Close (Profit or Stop)         x                    
Documentation/ Filing                   x     x x x
Performance Monitoring                     x x     x
Are you able to work? sleep at night?                              
Are you too excited?                              
Are your Objectives being met?                              
Are you following your System / Rules?                              
Get Back to Trading/ Improve outside of Trading procedure