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Do You Need Mad Predicting Skills?

China’s GDP came out today — and surprise surprise!  There’s no surprise 🙂  I think we all know all-along that …Read the Rest

Money On The Move

It would seem that 2016 would come without warning that our investments are at risk. But actually there is. With …Read the Rest

Unbreakable China

Yesterday I said, the Chinese government would have to step in and support the stockmarket. Which it did today. And …Read the Rest

All Those Bargains

China dropped 7% early in the day, which caused their market to close for a day. It’s a new thing …Read the Rest

Remember Last Year?

China selloff killing your mood to invest?! Think of it as bargain-hunting. If you’ve already bought before the fall, relax. …Read the Rest

The Best Investments for 2016

I was thinking it would be easy to write this one, just get last year’s Best Investment for 2015 and …Read the Rest

Year-End Bargain-Hunting

We were having dinner with friends who came over at our house and I was also having a bout of …Read the Rest

Mistress of the Universe

Heard of “masters of the universe”? “The Masters of the Universe” is a phrase from that book referring to ambitious …Read the Rest

Master Yoda’s Market Wisdom

It’s the week before Christmas,,, Santa’s busy and I certainly hope he’ll drop by Wall Street — someone, people who …Read the Rest

Dollar Dollar Toil and Trouble?

It is definitely a crazy weak week! I’ve just had 3 weeks of steady busy-ness and not a good time …Read the Rest

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