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Girl Power Trading

It’s happening. Manny Pacquiao’s video with FOOT LOCKER (FL) busted out last night giving a dose of fun. Already, FL is my pet trade for Friday’s session with its earnings. I’ve positioned prior session on the back of solid track record on beating earnings estimates but this new .22 quarterly dividend further sweetens the deal! Can’t wait for opening bell!
With the fab “Week of Greatness” campaign being unveiled with the Thanksgiving Holiday next week. as well as the Christmas season on the way, it’s definitely a stock worth getting excited about.

QUICK UPDATE : Foot Locker soared at pre-market but declined steadily during the session. At first I thought it is just normal volatility but it just went badly. This is why position sizing should always be a part of your game plan. When the Stop is hit, get out quick!

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Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE: FL), the New York-based specialty athletic retailer, announced today that its Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend on the Company’s common stock of $0.22 per share, which will be payable on January 30, 2015 to shareholders of record on January 16, 2015.

Foot Locker, Inc. is a specialty athletic retailer that as of November 1, 2014 operated 3,474 stores in 23 countries in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Through its Foot Locker, Footaction, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Champs Sports, SIX:02, Runners Point, and Sidestep retail stores, as well as its direct-to-customer channels, including footlocker.com, Eastbay.com, and SIX02.com, the Company is a leading provider of athletic footwear and apparel.

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Where’s the Next Rally?

November 18, 2014


I read a very interesting article today that investors should sell US stocks and buy EU stocks instead, because…. wait for it,,, it is cheap! They cited that at the time the US was at the same “cheap” levels in the depths of the Global Financial Crisis, it has rallied strongly and predicted the same at the EU, “ECB’s stimulus package includes targeted loans, record-low interest rates, and the purchase of securitized debt. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg News predict the central bank will eventually embark on sovereign-bond purchases”. While the US-style QE of “bond purchases” apparently did it’s work of stimulating the economy, I am not very sure that the EU will be a good buy right now. That’s going to be extremely contrarian in my view, and if you are going with this idea, just be careful and be very patient! US growth stalled for a good 4 years before it started growing well enough to be taken off life support …last year….

OK, so where does this lead us? Another rally in US, haven’t we seen record highs already? I think it’s going to be tricky and volatile but we’re still on our way up baby! What with these mega-deals happening (oil companies, pharamaceutical companies, tech companies) that are very good for sentiment, and of course, the US staying in that “sweet spot” of not-too-hot-growth in low inflation environment and increasing jobs. And don’t forget that Christmas is around the corner and the “Santa Claus rally” and “January Effect” will be upon us. My hot tip – stay with the strong sector that benefit from the merry season’s retail upsurge, those that benefit from weak oil prices and the ones that actually beat earnings and reported rise in revenues for 4Q and reasonable valuations. Plus of course, my thoughts is that a volatility-based system will make the most money,,,

Last weekend I had the pleasure of conducting the workshop for “Investing in the US Stockmarket” and I have to say we had some very lively Q and A and very committed participants, some who had attended my past workshops and a few flying in from very far places like Kuwait, Davao (in Southern Philippines), and Bicol Region. One even had sweets for me, and it is much appreciated! More more more :)

The tools and resources, slides and Live Trading link was sent out today by Learning Curve, if you don’t have it, check on SPAM folder or let me know! Email at charmel@highheeledtraders.com

HOT OFF THE PRESS! S&P 500 hits another record high on Nov 18.



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US Markets reaching record-highs again, don’t be left behind! I will be sharing my insights and experience in this webinar in 2 sessions

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This webinar will give a backgrounder for Investing in the US Market. Beginners and seasoned investors would greatly benefit from this webinar as we will discuss the current market situation, why the major US Indices are reaching records, and opportunities for the short-medium term.

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Bottom Fishing

October 17, 2014

I’m sure in many people’s minds, the question is “are we there yet”? Are we at the bottom of the sell-off, is it safe to go and get into stocks? Looking at last night – Dow is down but the S&P and NASDAQ were mostly green for the afternoon and reports at jobless and industrial production both coming in strong, this is another opportunity you could take for a ride up on most stocks on the strong sectors (like a distant love — MMM in Materials sector breaking loose from its downtrend), also note those that benefit from the weak oil prices. Looks like those airlines are finally flying.

GOOG disappointed, I wanted them to keep their winning streak, I really do, but their advertising business is getting away from them, it seems like by the other internet darling “Facebook”. Mobile ads served by Facebook are more palatable also because of the strength of their engagement. I’m going to be watching the FB earnings very closely and if it grows in the same fashion as last quarter I think GOOG has to admit their advantage is gone.

Here are some videos I devoured early today wanting to see how the sentiment is faring out there. I think with EU slow to respond on growth concerns that US will continue to attract investors, but with the “tapering” ending soon, volatility could still be in the market, so get ready for the ride. And I’m delighted to offer an “Introduction to US Investing” event on November 15, in Manila, Philippines. So for you guys who want to strengthen your US Dollar assets (which is going to be the strongest currency by the way) this is an unmissable event. Watch out for the free webinar at my Facebook page. Check it out here.

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Following yesterday’s market action, I noticed that FB had a mostly up day while the wider market was wallowing in the red, it was a tricky situation, I had to control my “fear” as I watched the price march higher and higher while all 3 major indices was red (as it had done the previous days of high volatility and selloff). Please click the chart to show full picture.

What is happening is the D word “divergence” which, if you’ve been studying a stock for long is a good indicator of the market – usually of a reversal of a trend. Divergence is simply monitoring what the market is doing and seeing if the asset / stock is performing in sync with the market – if not, it is diverging. I did say last Friday that it was the BEST time for bargain-hunting didn’t I! I teach this in my workshops, and the next ones are here.

So following my post early Friday and Monday opened strongly and you could have gotten good profits with volatility-based exit strategies, and I also pointed out the Tuesday Earnings Extravaganza that could push up the market from its lows and I can see FB at pre-market pushing up more than $1 already and US futures rallying on the strong earnings growth from Citibank and Johnson and Johnson. Other banks JPM and WFC both reported good earnings, so, what are we selling about again?

Well, FB with its fast-growth and earnings record dares to be different.

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The markets continue to follow yesterday’s decline, I have put a small position to profit on the upside just before close yesterday, but I really have no idea whether that will move up, all I know is that the last few days have been very volatile and it could possibly ride a rebound. Now that the sentiment seems to be “continuous selling”, thank God it’s Friday and sellers can get a rest!

Monday is a holiday so in case you are thinking of “bargain hunting” end of close today is could produce excellent results. Why? Holiday in the US could lead investors to just “step aside” and liquidate so that they won’t have to worry about the next market day. Tuesday, big banks like JP Morgan releases their earnings, following a good 2nd Quarter that beat expectations and selling pressure might have worn off then.

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Third Quarter earnings season is upon us and I am sure it is hard to be “optimistic” given the walloping yesterday not to mention the volatility of the past days. Like yesterday’s weak open after IMF cut growth outlook that reversed strongly when the 10am report on the jobs was released, only to find another sell-off thereafter. I am with you, I sometimes couldn’t believe the “ficklemindedness” of the market, but I guess one thing that this market brings to mind is that when we are looking at short-term data, that we take our profits in line with what the market is doing. It’s that classic line “It’s not you, it’s me” – yes, that’s the market talking.

Also worth noting that since the S&P and many stocks had a robust run during September that the declines were a healthy exercise preparing for the earnings season. Will this be a strong earnings season? There are many who say that it would be with the improved jobs, manufacturing, merger activity supporting this idea, and that current valuation is “reasonable” as Warren Buffett is quoted in this article in Bloomberg.

Just note some factors that could affect your pet stock’s performance :
1. strong US dollar
2. strength of sector (e.g. resources / commodities show weak demand throughout)
3. earnings growth and guidance

Geopolitical factors do spook the market from time to time, so watch out too how that impacts the market (has shown to fade quickly with other news coming in hot!). Russia is so far acting like there’s not much pain on their side but we’ll just have to keep watch.

I’ll be conducting the workshop on “How To Invest In the US Stockmarket” on Nov. 15 so make sure you join us there to maximize your investment returns. Regiser here or at follow this link: http://www.iluvlearning.com/make-money-in-the-us-stock-market/

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The last few days for bullish investors is trying, very stressful even. So it’s time for investors to become more market-savvy, it’s time to be profitable being in and out of positions moving with the market. Volatility is not going to go away, so my suggestion is to have a volatility-based system and have a good grasp of strategies that will work in this choppy market. Also, seeing that EU and China markets are weakening, one has to be in the best market and below is a video of IMF Chair Christine Lagarde on the US as a clear bright spot in the market. Employment numbers will be out tonight and with the clues from the private employment and jobless claims released this week and overall trend, it is looking to be a positive one. What the market will do is anyone’s guess (the seasonal tendency is volatile but potentially, the last market decline will usher the bargain hunters), but like what I said with EU not expected to perform with its weak economies, the most attractive, growing economy is the US.

And I am delighted to share that I will be conducting a workshop on “Investing in the US Market”. This will be on November 15, 2014. Register here, or go to this link http://www.iluvlearning.com/make-money-in-the-us-stock-market, organized by Learning Curve

What You Will Learn
◾Introduction to the U.S. Financial Universe
◾Best Sectors and Stocks to Trade
◾What to Look for in Stocks
◾Market Movers
◾Instruments and Asset Classes
◾Trading Indicators
◾Effective Strategies
◾Trading Examples
◾Opening a U.S. Brokerage Account
◾Tools and Resources for Investors


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The Gamer is a Trader

September 26, 2014

Guess why I got time to update this blog?! I slept early :) US market started to just fall over the edge in the first thirty minutes, that’s despite good data coming in from jobs and durable goods early in the day. I reckon, this is going to be a selloff day – because, as I posted last night, with data as good as this, rate rise might VERY soon come into the picture,,, and of course, at these prices, in comes the V word : Valuation.

Since last week, I’ve been feeling queasy at buying FB above 77.50 but, bad weather prevented me from selling my stock instead it carrier over to this week and it kept going up and I was in there hedging… however, that prices marched on and on, so I had to get out of that hedging position quickly and ride the upside. It skipped close to 79 level and I was staring at it at disbelief. Yes, listen to that “intuition” because the day ended, close to 77. And it could go lower, today there is a GDP announcement and it may continue yesterday’s selloff, or some brave souls might go “bargain hunting”. I hope they are brave and quick, because another V word is upon us : Volatility. Herein lies the wisdom of taking System and Market workshops like the one I am giving. So I invite you all to my upcoming workshops, the one scheduled last week was moved because of the flooding, to October 18, but the organizers say that’s already full. Email me at charmel@highheeledtraders.com to register your interest for the next. Learn to grow your capital in any market. Get that advantage.

Now, I want to share an article “Mystery Man Who Moves Japanese Markets Made More than 1 Million Trades I enjoyed about a Japanese trader who was once a gamer…. so many nuggets of wisdom (from his interview) :

On “bling” … “The kind of person who wastes money on that stuff would never have made it this far,” says Uemura, whom traders know as Kemu. “Self-control is so important. You have to conserve your assets. That’s what insulates you from the downturns and gives you the ammunition to make money.”

… the game taught a bigger lesson: when to cut and run. “I was a pretty confident player, but just like in the real world, the more opponents you have, the worse your chances are,” he says. “You lose nothing by running.” … CIS says he bets wrong four out of 10 times. The trick is to sell the losers fast while letting the winners ride. For him, a well-played stop-loss is just about the most beautiful trade there is.

And…the One Rule

If there’s one basic principle, he says—repeatedly and slowly, as if instructing a child—it is this: “Buy stocks that are being bought, and sell stocks that are being sold.”

And just my input : Trading can be stressful, but it does not have to be. I teach managing stress in our workshop “Investing Success Bootcamp”.

I must admit, I am feeling less concerned about the time spent gaming of my kids. There’s wisdom after all. LOL

Here’s that article again. Enjoy!

RED on Valuation

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Sweet Spot for Your Money

September 17, 2014

Jumped back in to the stockmarket after a long weekend of holidays. It’s a hard job to wait when you are excited and refreshed and ready for action. That’s what I felt last Monday when the market opened. There was a little move up so I thought it was a signal of continuing uptrend in the markets. But after 10 or so minutes that the poor economic data was released, stocks moved down lower. I was in there wanting to go “bargain-hunting”, fortunately, I stopped myself and waited a bit since I saw the volatility was more evident and (moves up 2 points, goes down 3, moves up 5 then down 10) and market seemingly lacked direction. Like that data on manufacturing was unimportant. (The important thing is it is not glaringly Up or Down)

What happened soon after though was a steep fall when the OECD reported the falling GDP projections all over the world. And so the NASDAQ stocks which moved up strongly bled red red red for the whole night. I thought I got in at a bargain with price declined at 1.22 then went to bed only to find that my stock went as far down as 5% before recovering around 4%.
FOMC meeting started yesterday so I was looking at more data points and with other markets specifically EU performing poorly, even risking bleaker economy if not for the gov’t stimulus – the question to always remember asking is “where else could be sweet spot for your money?”

So there I was sitting still watching the opening prices fall another $1,,, when just as soon, the prices started moving up, cent by cent but fast and steady. When it finally recovered back to yesterday’s closing price, I knew there is nowhere else to go but up for that day. I again sat myself down, and watched the price action, just in case the market changes course once again, I am ready with my risk management stops.

FOMC meeting concludes today and looking at data that is neither hot nor cold, I expect no change in the current “sweet spot” of steady interest rates.



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